Flour Power

Flour Power: Never Run Out of What You Need










A single mom. An economic crash. Corrupt political leaders. Desperate times. Sound familiar?

Almost 3,000 years ago, a ragged preacher from Israel visited a small village in what is now the country of Lebanon. A famine had ravaged the region, but the preacher—a man of God named ELIJAH—asked a starving widow for food. This audacious request was the beginning of a dramatic story that would save her—and her young son. It’s a story that still speaks to us all these centuries later.

Wall Street Journal best-selling author David R. Stokes shares what that single mom learned back then—the principles of something called FLOUR POWER.

Following the Lord won’t make you rich, but you will have a better life than if you keep trying to figure it all out without Him. In fact, FLOUR POWER is available to us today. Also in these pages, Pastor Stokes talks about how to turn the BURDENS and BARRIERS in our lives into opportunities for GREAT THINGS.

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