Soviet Spy Who Betrayed the Berlin Tunnel Says He Has “No Regrets”

George Blake is back in the news. George who, you may ask?

Blake, a former MI-6 officer in Great Britain, was “turned” by the Soviets while he was in North Korean captivity during the Korean War—a sort of real-life Manchurian candidate. He spied for the communists for many years, passing secrets along to his handlers.

In fact, George Blake was very much responsible for the failure of one of the most ambitious espionage initiatives by the West during the Cold War—the Berlin Tunnel. I have written about this—an article that appeared at the Nixon Foundation site a few years back and that was subsequently published The Intelligencer: Journal of U.S. Intelligence Studies. You can read that fascinating story HERE.

The other day, Blake—who current resides in Russia (of course he does!)—said in a rare interview: “I’ve no regrets and have enjoyed the happiest years of my life in Russia.”

He betrayed up to 40 British agents en route to this “happy” life.

Read about it in the Daily Mail—HERE.

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